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As you all know first impressions are extremely important...

If your website looks amateurish, visitors will view your company or organization as an amateur operation. If your website looks clean, informative, easy to navigate and is visually appealing, your visitors will feel confident in your company's or organization's abilities, professionalism, and credibility. This is why your company or organization should consider using my services to professionally design and write your website.

How my website design process works...

After contacting me we will talk about your company or organization as you will need to be completely involved in the entire website design process from start to finish. Please remember that just as I am a professional website designer, you are the professional in your business so your input is vital. We will discuss how we will produce the technical content, product and services information for your website? We will also discuss the type of design, layout, and color scheme you would like me to create your website with.

After I have collected this information...

I will then begin to design your website. After I have come up with a website design that I like. I will email you a link to a private page containing your new website design complete with graphics, navigation, fonts and your color scheme. At this point your website will only have the theme design of your navigation menu (there will be no links to other pages yet). We will then discuss by phone or email your likes and dislikes of the layout and design. I will then modify or change anything or everything about your website design and layout to suit you. This is done by you simply checking the same link I emailed to you earlier. Using this method, together we will build your website.

After your design is perfect...

At this point you will need to send any electronic information you have for the site. If you have paper documents you will need to mail these to me. Content, content, and more content! I can't stress this enough. I will then start building the pages by using your content and adding my graphics, and building the navigation for your site.

Together we will build your website to perfection!

Bill Briar/ Professional Website Designer
Phone - 1.570.396.1585




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