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firm was established April 1, 1999, by veteran lobbyist Vince Phillips who started this business after 25 years experience in governmental and public affairs in Harrisburg, PA, and Washington, DC. PHILLIPS ASSOCIATES is a full-service professional services firm that provides lobbying, insurance Continuing Education, and association services as well as “other duties as requested” on an as-needed basis consistent with your goals and the firm’s business plan

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PHILLIPS ASSOCIATES has as a core philosophy that the bottom line is credibility. Without trust there is nothing. We promise to represent your interests with integrity and respect, complying with Pennsylvania statutes and regulations. That means that sometimes we may tell you want you may not want to hear but frankly believe you want candor from a contracted provider such as my firm. When it comes to lobbying, I believe that the cornerstone of successful lobbying is the firm or association I represent. Key to that are the members who should regard themselves as Citizen Lobbyists. I also promise to keep confidential information confidential in compliance with relevant privacy law and rule. Where the law or rule requires disclosure, I will do so faithfully to the best of my ability to accurately report my role in achieving your purpose based on the information given to me by my clients.
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